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What People Are Saying...

"Education of medication regimen and signs and symptoms of decompensation of an illness or a disease process are tools to clients empowerment that Magnolia Prime offers. "

- Judith Powell, RN
(33 years of experience, including 11 with VNSNY)


The Product that Says “Hello” When You Cannot!

Our Telebeneficiary™ Service reinforces the special connection caregivers already give patients and clients, without being invasive of the person’s space.

Record a Message and Schedule Its Delivery

Why not send a personal, customized message in your own voice when it is convenient for you and have it delivered when it is convenient for your patient or client? You can set up a one-time delivery or send the same message over and over.  

The Telephone Makes it Simple to Stay in Touch

Magnolia Prime encourages independence and communication. Your message will be delivered on any telephone. Magnolia Prime will even notify you if the person does not pick up the message.  

Receive a message back!

Why should the people you call be the only ones receiving a message? They have the option of sending a message back to you! It’s easy to do once they have listened to your message - no need for anyone to find the right phone number or dial the phone.  

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